Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Missouri River Trip May 2009

Ryan Gabert and I just made another pilgrimage to the Missouri. Not the Missouri of trout fishing fame found in Montana, but a stretch much further downstream. We fish the Missouri in Central South Dakota. The Mighty 'Mo is dammed 4 times within South Dakota. Lake Sharpe near Pierre is our favorite for Smallmouth Bass.

We fished Lake Sharpe this past Sunday and Monday. Directly below the dam at Pierre was slow. After flogging the water for most of Sunday near Pierre, we headed downstream to West Bend Recreation Area.

Monday was a different day. Carp were rising everywhere and they were eager to take a dry fly. We found a few nice smallmouth to boot. Here are a few photos:


Ben said...

Nice post! Looks like a fun day in central South Dakota. What patterns and sizes worked on the carp? Was it related to a hatch?

Hans Stephenson said...

Ben- we used beetle pattern, smaller stimulators, klinkhammer specials, and humpies. I also caught a few on small cherynoble ants. They ate just about everything.