Monday, November 30, 2009

European Nymphing- Part Duex

My last several outings on Rapid Creek have been experimental in nature (maybe all of my trips are that way, but these seemed especially so.) I have been working on strike indicator free European style nymphing. It has been successful. At home I have been experimenting with tying the nymphs needed for such fishing. The fly pictured above uses a tungsten teardrop to achieve the weight needed for Czech style nymphing (I demonstrated using these at Saturday's tying demo). The fish pictured at the bottom was caught using a polish style woven grub (I demonstrated those a couple Saturday's back). This coming Saturday I plan to give a brief seminar on how to rig and fish these style nymphs. This is a style of fishing worth trying if you tire of fishing with cumbersome indicator and split shot rigs. See you this coming Saturday!

New Hopper Hatch

They are still hatching, but this time they are hatching indoors. I was tying flies the other day. (My current fly tying desk, much to the wife's dismay, is on the kitchen table.) As it happens, I am setup next to the thyme, oregano, and rosemary plants we overwinter in the house. In the hunt for some material buried under the piles of dubbing, hackles, and miscellaneous ziploc bags I saw something jump. Not just any jump, but a grasshopper-esque jump. Sure enough, there on the table was a freshly hatched hopper. I must have brought the egg in with one of the plants. I chased the little devil around with the camera and finally snapped this photo. I should have put a penny or something next to him for scale, but if you were to tie an imitation of him you would have needed a size 20 hook.

Tying Class Tomorrow- Smallmouth and Carp

As you have read, some of our favorite fly rod quarry are smallies and carp. Tomorrow night in fly tying class we will tie some of our current fly favorites. These are fun flies to tie. No size 22's here. Big hooks, tons of rubber legs, rabbit strips, and plenty o' flashy stuff. Come down to the shop tomorrow at 7:00pm.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

European Nymphing

Czech Nymphing and other Eastern European Nymphing techniques are gaining in popularity in the United States. I have been fishing and tying polish woven nymphs lately with great success. Join me this Saturday morning at the fly shop to learn to tie Czech Nymphs and Woven Nymphs. I will demonstrate both styles of tying. See you this Saturday at 10:00 am at Dakota Angler. I will also give an introduction to Czech and Polish nymph fishing techniques.