Sunday, December 20, 2009

Warm winter day brings the fisherman out

It hit 40 today and the fly fishermen knew, or at least four of them did.

Ryan Gabert (pictured above) was perfecting his czech nymphing skills and testing out new fly patterns. Shaun Lazotte was nymphing up a storm. Kevin Woster got in a few casts and managed to tackle an M-Hill hike. Me? I made my share of casts on Rapid Creek.

The sun was out and the midges were hatching. I managed to bring one fish to hand with a nymph and 5 with midge patterns on top. The best fly was an olive F-fly. (This pattern is so easy to tie and it always fools fish. It is an Ev Hoyt pattern if I have ever seen one. More on this fly another time.)

We are so lucky to have Rapid Creek fishing the way it is. Where else can you enjoy an afternoon of fishing on a beautiful stream less than 5 minutes from your front door? Dry flies in December is a blessing.

Get out and bring the holiday season in fly-rod fashion.