Wednesday, June 29, 2011

BASS Worm tied by Ryan "Skeeter" Gabert

Nevermind the silly accent and the off centered camera view, this fly works. It works especially well on largemouth, but I have caught a few catfish on it too. Hmm. Guess you'd better tie some. Tie it on a size 4 or 6. Good colors to tie are purple, black, and olive.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tying Ryan's Carp Fly

Ryan Gabert's Carp Fly is easy to tie. It looks great in the water. Best of all it is darn effective at catching carp. Developed on South Dakota's storied flats, this fly deserves to be in any carp fly fisher's box.

Tie in a size 4-6. Tie in orange, olive, or tan.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tying Ryan's Fire Ant

It's Ryan turn.

Ryan Gabert ties one of his favorite summer time patterns. Trout seldom pass up the chance to eat an ant. Ryan started tying his Fire Ant last summer and had great success. As temperatures start to warm, trout will start to key on terrestrials. Ants patterns are so effective that they deserve ample room in your fly box.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Tying Hans' Cicada

This fly surprised me, it caught fish on the small streams that I fish in the Black Hills. It brought large trout to the surface when nothing else would. Do they take it for a cicada? I don't know, but it does catch fish. This fly is inspired by the cicada patterns I encountered in New Zealand. I tie it in a size 6 but it can be tied larger or smaller depending on the size of the bugs in your neck of the woods.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Black Hills Streams June 8th 2011

Black Hills streams are clearing up and starting to fish quite well. Here are some photos of Spearfish Creek from June 8th. Thanks to Cody Fischer (one of the shop's guides) for the photos.

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Spearfish Creek at Cleopatra Creek confluence

Little Spearfish Creek along Roughlock Falls Rd.

Savoy Pond on Spearfish Creek

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Black Hills Streams June 3rd 2011

Here are a few photos of some Black Hills streams taken yesterday afternoon. Little Spearfish, Upper Whitewood, Rapid Creek below Pactola, and Spring Creeks looked fishable. The main branch of Spearfish continues to drop and should be in good shape soon. Despite high flows fishing was reported as "very good" at Maurice Intake on Spearfish today. Flows have dropped 10 cfs on Spearfish Creek since these photos were taken. Warm weather is expected the next couple of days and flows should come down more quickly.

Spearfish Creek at Maurice Intake

Spearfish at Cleopatra Dr.

Spearfish Creek at Cleopatra confluence

Spearfish Creek above Iron Creek

Pond above Spearfish Canyon Lodge

Little Spearfish Creek

Little Spearfish Creek

Yates Ponds

Yates Ponds

Hanna Creek

Hanna Pond

Hanna Creek

Whitewood Creek near Englewood

Rapid Creek below Pactola Reservoir

Rapid Creek below Pactola Reservoir

Spring Creek below Sheridan Lake

Rapid Creek in Rapid City near Storybook Island

Tying the Bow River Bugger

The Bow River Bugger is an awesome streamer pattern that has proven its place in my fly box. I fish this pattern for trout and smallmouth bass alike. The fly has tons of movement and has a great profile in the water.