Sunday, April 26, 2009

More Snow

Walking home from the Elks Theater last night wasn't fun. Well, it was fun but man was it wet. Christine and I went to the Banff Film Festival (it was great). When we left for home the air was filled with huge snowflakes. When we woke up this morning a solid 4-6 inches covered the yard. And the snow continued throughout the day.

Well, I guess this means more high water. The next few days are predicted to be cooler and wet. That will mean continued high water levels in the creeks for a few more weeks.

Castle, Spring, and portions of French Creek will be the best bets for this weeks stream fishing. If you own a float tube, kayak, canoe, or pontoon boat head out to the lakes. Great fishing is to be had on these seldom fished waters. Center lake fished well this past week. I have been meaning to get out to Sheridan to find some of its large rainbows.

Coming this week:
I will add to the fishing report as I get fresh information. I will also try to post some fresh photos here on the blog. My next blog post will be a primer on leader setups for nymph fishing in fast water. Stay tuned.

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