Monday, April 20, 2009

High Water

Just a quick note here- Black Hills streams are running high. Most of them will not be fishable for a week or two. The discharges below Pactola Reservoir into Rapid Creek are at 203 cfs this morning. The water will be clear but tough to fish. The northern Black Hills streams are at a similar flow rate and they won't be running clear.

For anglers looking for a spot to go try the lakes here in the Hills. Float tubes, pontoon boats, canoes, and kayaks provide ready access to some of the most under utilized trout water in the hills. Sylvan, Sheridan, Pactola, Deerfield, Center, Legion, Bismark, Stockade, Reusaw, Dalton, Roubaix, and Iron Creek lakes are all ripe with opportunity.

Also, take a day and drive over to Pierre. The white bass, smallmouth bass, and carp fishing are just about to hit their spring/early summer peak. This is the fishing I daydream about.

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