Saturday, January 7, 2012

Winter, eh?

Well it has been an odd "winter" so far. We are used to warm weather here in the balmy west of the river Banana Belt, but these sustained highs in the 40-50's are peculiar. Looks like a dip into the 20's is coming next week though- there are still several of days with highs over 40 in the forecast between now and Wednesday. Make sure you make the most of them.

Fishing has been excellent on Rapid Creek below Pactola and here in town. I haven't been up to Spearfish recently, but I would bet that fishing through town and in the valley is benefiting from this warm weather. Rumor has it that Crow Creek is fishing well too.

I got out yesterday after a long hiatus. Had a busy month at the shop that culminated in a three day inventory counting session! Wahoo!

It was a relief to have time to fish for a change, even if it was only for an hour. Didn't see any risers, but I think the winter midge hatches should crank up soon. Yesterday I kept up my experimentation with French and Spanish style nymphing. I will post soon about the leader rig I am using for this style of fishing.

The new Sage ESN 10' rods are perfect for nymph fishing this way. The 3 weight fishes extremely well on Rapid Creek. The 2 weight would be a blast here in the Hills. There might be one of those in my future.

If you get a chance to get out in the next few days, email us some photos at the shop-

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