Friday, June 10, 2011

Tying Hans' Cicada

This fly surprised me, it caught fish on the small streams that I fish in the Black Hills. It brought large trout to the surface when nothing else would. Do they take it for a cicada? I don't know, but it does catch fish. This fly is inspired by the cicada patterns I encountered in New Zealand. I tie it in a size 6 but it can be tied larger or smaller depending on the size of the bugs in your neck of the woods.


GoFisch said...

Have you only fished this when the cicada's are out or as an attractor? I wonder if we'll get a cicada hatch this year. I'll have to give this a try either way.

Hans Stephenson said...

I fish it less as an imitation of a cicada and more as an attractor. I haven't seen a real cicada on the water yet, but I am sure the fish would eat one if they got a chance. The first time I fished this fly it was out of frustration. The fish wouldn't eat anything below Pacotla above the first foot bridge, so I tried this more as a joke than anything. Well, needless to say it caught 2 or three fish that day that hadn't even looked at anything else.

GoFisch said...

Funny how those fish have a way of driving a person to madness. At least this time it resulted in a great fly instead of a broken rod and a straight jacket.