Tuesday, May 24, 2011

High Water

Streams are a bit high right now if you haven't noticed. Time to fish the lakes (which are fishing well by the way) or to head out and try your luck for warmwater species.

 Black Hills lakes are often overlooked and offer anglers good shots at fish in the 15-20" range. Good fishing has been reported from Pactola, Sheridan, Center, and Sylvan Lakes. Fish a mini leech or crystal bugger on an intermediate sinking line for all around success. Another technique that is akin to bobber fishing, but is very effective is to fish a strike indicator rig with a couple of chironomid patterns 4-8' below the indicator. Once you establish the depth the fish are holding, there will be plenty of action.

As for warmwater pursuits, fishing for white bass in Pierre has been good, smallmouth fishing is picking up on the missouri, and pike fishing has been good at Pactola. Sheridan and Stockade should start producing bass soon. Sounds like this could be a good year for everybody to get out and try their luck at getting a big northern on the fly.


Flyfishermanrichard. said...


Nice fish well done. I hope it was returned OK?

best wishes

Hans Stephenson said...

It went back. If it would have been in one of our trout lakes it might not have made it back. We have had a rash of illegal stockings of northerns within the black hills.

Trout Magee said...

Beauty Pike!! I was just wondering if you can rent a boat on Lake Pactola for the day. Or near bye areas that could assist with getting a boat. Also wondering the best way to fish for the trout in Pactola. Or the best spot for fly fishing below it. Stopped by for photos last time I was out in South Dakota but was unable to fish. That lake was beautiful.