Sunday, August 22, 2010

Arlen Thomason's BugWater

Arlen Thomason's new book, Bugwater, is excellent. Fly Fishers have long been keenly aware of the importance of "matching the hatch". Knowing the bugs that fish feed on and knowing a bit about their life cycles will greatly improve your confidence and success on the stream.

In this book Thomason provides a seasonal glimpse into the world of aquatic insects as they relate to the average trout stream. By far the value of this book is in the superb underwater photographs of the naturals. This is not to say that the text is lacking any way, but it is hard not to keep flipping ahead of the chapter you are reading to get at the next series of photos.

The series of photos at the end of the book features flies and naturals shot in a slant-tank. This trout's eye view is extremely valuable to fly designers and fishermen alike.

Check out this book for the photos, but read into it to learn more about the bugs fish feed on throughout the year. The more you know about the mayflies, midges, stoneflies, caddis, and other bugs that inhabit your local waters the more fish you will catch. This book will help you identify these insects but also informs you as to what time of year to expect the hatch.

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