Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fly Fishing in Pierre for Rainbows

Fishing in Pierre this past Sunday for rainbows was the best I have seen. Four anglers made the trek over and we all caught fish. That seldom happens in the trout fishery that exists for a brief period each spring. My experience is usually casting for hours into a 50 mph wind all day without the hint of a bite. This time was different. Here are some photos to prove it:


Lilly and Lucy said...

Hey Hans,

Been meaning to get out to the dam to give the marina a try. What did you catch the fish on? I've tied some black, brown and Olive buggers that I was going to try. Thanks for any info you have. Glad you guys had good luck.

Buddy Seiner

Hans Stephenson said...

Believe it or not the best fly was a #18 cream midge larva fished on a slow retrieve. Good luck.