Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tying Hans' Carp Nymph

Stock your boxes with these great flies for the upcoming Carp Season. this easy to tie nymph has been very productive for me the past couple of summers. Fish it in front of tailing carp. Make sure to lead the carp with your cast so the fly has time to sink. As the carp approaches make a short 1-3" strip to attract the carp's attention. Wait for the take. Strip set to set the hook. My favorite color variations use root beer, gold, or pearlescent olive estaz.

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Gregg said...


I tie a very similar fly but use a bit of .015 lead behind the eye to insure it rides hook up, and I hackle mine, using an appropriate color of saddle to the body, perhaps 6 wraps. Often I use a fur tail as well. Otherwise, much the same as yours. Maybe mine is too compicated however.