Friday, July 24, 2009

Hopper Time

It be hopper time y'all. Wow, that sounds dorky, but it is true. The weather is warming up and all manners of terrestrial insects are finding there way into the bellies of hungry trout. So far most of the action has been on ants and beetles, but this week fish have started to take hoppers.

Terrestrials provide some of the best action of the year. Fish ant, beetle, and hopper patterns near the banks and get ready to see some impressive takes.

My top five patterns for summer terrestrial fishing are:

1) Logan's Hopper (pictured above)- these take awhile but the float like crazy. Let me know and I can tie some up for you.

2) CDC Beetle- not pictured but we have them in stock at the shop.

3) Dave's Hopper- A classic pattern. It has always been a top producer

4) Chernobyl Ant - I was doubtful the first time I saw these, but they are killers.

5) Brown Fur Ant- Not a fancy pattern, but it always works.

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lph said...

Nice info and nice blog!

I've got five free days around August 10 and am thinking about coming to the Black Hills.

How's the fishing around that time.